Sunday, March 31, 2013

Future Of Oracle DBA

What is the Future of DBA ? One Question but it's been asked lot , and no one knows what is this future could be !! The technology going fast and everything become easy to use, well is this mean all DBA will sit in the future without any work ? the traditional task role of the DBA is dead which mean  Most tasks assigned to the DBA staff can either be automated or eliminated with new features of the software.

Let's Start with CNN Article that mention DBA as one of the Top Ten Promising jobs with solid job growth outlook over the next several years.The DBA will need to understand the business and craft solutions with off the shelf components to satisfy the needs of the business.which mean it will be different depending on the company for example companies will hire DBA to work with development, Other companies will hire DBA to monitor databases and enure high availability.

You can't ensure that your systems and Application working fine without experts and you can't hire someone to do all the tasks, Which mean DBA will be exists in the future but for concern will be on other products such Cloud, Big data, Exadata, oracle appliance.So DBA OF all Sort that needed now will be needed in the future but the main change as i see is the career path and daily task for DBA.

if you want more accurate answer check the Database version 9i,10g and 11g and now we are waiting for 12c, with every version  it's automated new more mundane tasks, But with simple way for example enterprise manager is controlling all database backup, Monitor and recovery so this indicate the DBA will have much time to architect database systems, monitor security, and many other things.

DBA is very important Job and will be found now or later check the discussion for tom Kyte about that Click here

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    1. I am Just writing for something i love , thank you for comments i really appreciate and nice to know that it's useful :)

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