Thursday, March 7, 2013

Avoid Backup Database with corrupted Archivelog

Corrupt block seq: 34229 blocknum=1.
Bad header found during deleting archived log
Data in bad block - seq:0. bno:0. time:0
beg:0 cks:0
calculated check value: 0

No need for Oracle DBA to tell you there's corruption , usually this error indicate that archivelog is corrupted in our case Archivelog number 34229.

To Solve this problem :

1- Check Validate for this archivelog
 RMAN> validate archvielog sequence 34229;
 2 - Now to avoid this error , you should delete archivelog on Os level.
3 -
RMAN > crosscheck archivelog all;
Then Backup database.

 Thank you
Osama Mustafa

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