Monday, January 26, 2015

Migrate Data from SQL Server to Oracle

This Post will describe how to migrate data from SQL Server ( different version ) to oracle using SQL Developer

You can read it from here


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Step by Step Install oracle on RHEL 7

In this post i created document that includ steps to install oracle database on Redhat Enterprise Linux 7 Press here to view the presentation.



Step by Step Install REHL7 (Video)

This Link will show video that explain Step by Step How to install Redhat Enterprise Linux 7

Press here to watch.

Thank you
Osama Mustafa

Saturday, January 10, 2015

How to add storage to ESXI 5.5

in this post i will show you how to add New Storage to ESXI 5.5 using vsphere client follow the screenshot :-

  1. Login to Vsphere client
  2. Select the host and then choose the Configuration tab --> Storage. like below

  • Storage Type :-

  • Which Storage you want add :-

  • VMFS-3 For our case

  • Storage Name

  • maximum file size and capacity of the database.

  • Press Finish

  • Summary 


osama mustafa

Friday, January 9, 2015

Unable to Ping ESXI 5.5 Host

while i am continue working on my  Lab and configure ESXI i faced another problem and took 2 days to solve it maybe someone faced this issue but this will help other people as well.

The problem description like this :- after assigned IP to the server i want like normal people connect to this server using my laptop but simply when trying to ping :-

"Detestation unreachable" 

I thought at first it was my network card issue and maybe it's not supported By ESXI, But this is not valid option because the weirdest part in this issue was when restart the server and ESXI loading the services i was able to ping without any problem then the message appeared again.

as you see from the above screenshoot ping then not ping !!!!!

The solution very simple i start missing with BIOS options and found new option there called "Network Stack" all you have to do is enable this option and link to IPV4.


Osama Mustafa

Configure NIC/Ethernet On ESXI 5.5

Happy new year and healthy 2015.

During the Holiday I was working on my mini Lab and Upgrading the Server i want to use ESXI 5.5 this time,usually the built-in Ethernet card  Intel or Realtek ( Mine ) while the installation i faced an issue that ESXI 5.5 doesn't identify my Ethernet card and the installation failed.

To solve this issue the normal ESXI iso will not work, because of this you have to create something called ESXI custom ISO using Software called ESXI customizer.

Download it from here.

You make this software work you need to install the original ESXI ISO.

Download it from here.

and The most important thing which is the driver that you need it for Ethernet Card, the driver usually depend on the PC just like to told you before I am using Realtek and you can download :-

  • net-r8168+r8111e From here.
  • net-r8169 From here.

Now you have all the software,  Original ESXI , Driver and the customizer.
Open the ESXI customizer new GUI screen will be open with three box like the below.

Now RUN Button and Check the output Directory Burn the ISO and This is should solve the issue.

Osama Mustafa

Monday, December 22, 2014

2014 Achievement as an Oracle ACE

2014 is almost finished , new year will starting soon usually i don't list what i have done, but there is always start point for everything. it was very busy year on all level : Personal, Work and as oracle ACE.

One of the major achievement for me this year is created and lead Jordan Amman Oracle User group which is the first Oracle Group in Jordan and I am working now to organize next event for this group and this is taking most of time now.

The 2014 Summary :-

Let's Start with Conference :-

  • Dublin Conference.
  • Dubai Conference.
  • OTN Mena Tour.
  • Dublin Again :) 
  • Oracle open World.
  • New Zealand.
Sure during most of these conferences i was organizing RAC ATTACK Event around the world and simply it successful year for this amazing event.

Don't forget the webinar as well. 

I have to mention One of the most amazing event all the time which is oracle open world, This is was my first time in SF OOW I met most of the people in oracle community i will try to mention all of them but i am sorry if i forgot someone :-
  • Gurcan Orhan
  • Yury Velikanov
  • Kai Yu
  • Jeff Smith 
  • Kellyn PotVin-Gorman.
  • Danny Bryant
  • Don Seiler.
  • Steve karam
  • Sarah Craynon Zumbrum
  • Leighton Nelson
  • RenĂ© AntĂșnez Berdejo ( i met twice this year ) .
  • Francisco Munoz ( i met him in NZ ).
And Sure other People , my first time in OOW was my first time to present in this Big Event I would like to thank Debra Lilley to give me this chance :)

I also enjoyed my time with best company Gurcan Orhan He is amazing person and would like to meet him again who knows next conference or maybe in Turkey.

i enjoyed my time hanging out with ACE and ACED, a lot of activity to do in OOW such as presentation, Concert .. etc.

don't forgot this year i wrote three articles to different magazine and i still have a lot of different topics to share, My Blog  i wrote blog post related to fusion middleware and Timesten in memory database most of these article what i faced in my real life challenging but amazing at the same time.

i was the first one in the middle east ( Jordan ) who appeared in Oracle Magazine Peer to Peer Thanks for Oracle ACE program i am really proud to be member of this amazing community.

I created magazine on flip-board that collect all the good articles posted by oracle community and share under one place and i am contribute in another one  Thanks for my friend Leighton Nelson.
the both magazine are simply amazing both sharing different idea.

I also passed Fusion middleware exam and upgrade my OCP certification. 

Finally I am really proud of one of the most achievement for this year which is created JAOUG ( Jordan Amman Oracle user group) i am working too hard to make this group success, i would like to give special thanks to Heli Helskyaho who supported me and gave me an idea to launch the group when i was in OOW.

i am sure 2015 will bring new things to me, 2014 was amazing year and fun at the same time. "Enshalla" 2015 will be more interesting i welcome any new challenge.


Osama Mustafa